Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Keysight Technologies – What’s in a name, anyway?

This is an exciting time for us! Yesterday, January 7, 2014, we learned what our new company name will be: Keysight Technologies. Here is a link to the official press release: 

If you have not heard by now, back in September of 2013, Agilent Technologies announced it would split into two companies by the end of 2014. Since I started in 1980, 33+ years ago, I have worked for and will continue to work for the electronic measurement side of the business. For my first 19 years with the company, we were Hewlett-Packard, a company that formed in 1939 as a test and measurement company and eventually birthed Silicon Valley. It is this electronic measurement side of the business that is getting the new name, just as we did in 1999 when we became Agilent from Hewlett-Packard. The other part of Agilent, the life sciences, diagnostics, and applied markets side will continue to operate under the Agilent name. Note that the electronic measurement side will still have the same great people designing and supporting the same great products and services….just a new name: Keysight Technologies.

So let’s take a closer look at the new name, logo, and tagline for Agilent’s electronic measurement business:

The name combines the words “key”, meaning essential, and “insight” meaning intuitive perception. Essential intuitive perception. Seeing what others cannot. A key can also be used to unlock something; we will continue to unlock measurement insights, as our tagline says. And we have been doing this for 75 years - since the day that Bill Hewlett and Dave Packard released their first electronic test instrument, an audio oscillator, in 1939. By the way, it is purely a coincidence that the Watt’s Up? authors, Ed, Matt, and I have combined experience of more than 75 years as stated in our blog header, although I’d like to think that the three of us have been unlocking measurement insights in the AC and DC power field for a combined total of 75 years! In fact, we now have a total of more than 80 years’ experience between the three of us and I will update the header later this year when we officially begin using the Keysight name. But I digress...

The logo symbol is derived from one of the most fundamental wave shapes there is: a sine wave – a wave shape from which all other wave shapes can be built. This is very appropriate for our 100% focus on electronic measurement, not to mention a tribute to our original founders, Bill and Dave, for their audio oscillator. And the power products and topics that you read about here in Watt’s Up? are equally represented by the logo symbol, especially our AC sources! If you really think about it, Keysight will be doing what Hewlett-Packard originally set out to do and Agilent continued to do for decades: build the world’s leading test and measurement company.

So what’s in a name? Essential intuitive perception is in our name. A clear focus on electronic measurement is in our name. Our strong and deep heritage is in our name. And when we begin to fully operate as Keysight Technologies later this year, what you will find behind our name will be the same high quality products and people that you have come to know. That’s what’s in the name Keysight Technologies!

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