Wednesday, April 30, 2014

New Software Update for the N7900 Advanced Power System

Hi everybody,

Last year, we introduced the Agilent N7900 Advanced Power System (hereon in shortened to N7900 APS).  The N7900 APS is a full of great features that can only be accessed using the instrument's programming interface.  The programming interface works very well but sometimes you just don't want write and troubleshoot a program, you just want something that works.

Well, I have the chance to share some pretty exciting news.  We want to provide you software that makes some of these great features easy for you to use.  The software is the 14585A Control and Analysis Software.  This software was previously only available for the N6705 DC Power Analyzer.

The 14585A software is a standalone application that unlocks three key features: it allows you to look at a graphical representation of the measured data in Scope Mode, create arbitrary waveforms in Arb mode, and log long term data in datalogger mode.  These three advanced features can be setup and run by adjusting a few settings and pressing a few buttons.

 The software comes with a 30 day free trial so feel free to download it to check it out.  Please note that you need at least version A.01.13 of the APS firmware in order to use the software.

You can find the latest APS firmware at:
APS Firmware

You can find the software at:
14585A Software

If you have any questions on the software, feel free to leave us some comments.  Thanks for reading!

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